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Bubble Pigtails Art Print (Don't Touch My Hair Collection)

Bubble Pigtails Art Print (Don't Touch My Hair Collection)

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Introducing Our "Bubble Pigtails" Art Print – Elevate Every Space with Black Hair Joy!

Transform any room into a celebration of Black hair beauty with our "Bubble Pigtails" art print. Your space deserves to be extraordinary, and our supreme-quality prints, available in various sizes, serve as captivating statement pieces that personalize your environment.

🌟 The "Don't Touch My Hair" Collection: Where Style Meets Affordability

Step into the unique world of Black hair with our exclusive "Don't Touch My Hair" collection. Our "Bubble Pigtails" print isn't just visually stunning – it's a stylish and affordable piece of art that lets you express your love for Black hair. Whether you're indulging in a self-love moment or gifting it to the Afro-centric hair goddess in your life, this collection is a celebration of the uniqueness and beauty of Black hair.

🎨 Designed by MyMarie Studio, Crafted with Precision

Each design within our collection, including "Bubble Pigtails," is created by MyMarie Studio through the process of digital painting. With a commitment to authenticity and style, we've partnered with a top-tier production team to bring you high-quality prints. Our collaboration with Printify ensures a seamless process, delivering a product that exceeds expectations.

Celebrate the beauty of Black hair with our "Bubble Pigtails" Vertical Art Print. Let your space reflect the joy and vibrancy of Black hair culture. Order yours today and make a statement that resonates with style, culture, and individuality!



  • 175 gsm fine art paper
  • Multiple sizes
  • Matte finish
  • For indoor use
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