Greetings from MyMarie Studio!

I'm Ashley, the creative force behind MyMarie Studio, where art and storytelling intersect. Delighted to welcome you to our vibrant collection of art prints, posters, and accessories. Alongside our artistic offerings, I'd like to share a glimpse into my personal journey as an artist and writer dealing with anxiety.

Life as a creator has woven a tapestry of joys and challenges, and I've decided to open up a bit through occasional insights on my journey. "The Anxious Artist" blog serves as a modest space where I share stories, offer advice, and explore the coping mechanisms that have shaped my artistic path. It's a place where vulnerability meets resilience, offering a peek into the ebb and flow of creativity amidst life's uncertainties.

While "The Anxious Artist" is a part of my narrative, the heart of MyMarie Studio remains in the art and the love for storytelling. This space is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of creativity, whether through inspiring art prints, accessories, or the occasional musings shared on the blog.

Our merchandise, designed to inspire, complements this journey. Each item is a tangible piece of the resilience and creativity that defines "The Anxious Artist." From motivational art prints to accessories that spark conversation, our offerings are a reflection of the shared journey we embark on together.

Thank you for being part of the MyMarie Studio community. Whether you're here for the expressive art, the captivating stories, or the unique merchandise, I'm grateful to have you along for the creative ride.

Creatively yours,

Founder, MyMarie Studio