September Highlights & Interests

September Highlights & Interests

Happy October!

It is such a good feeling to walk into the grocery store and see all the fall displays full of pumpkins, caramel apples, pies, and apple cider!  It's only been autmn for about a week and I have already baked multiple sweet potato pies and apple fritters.

I wanted to start this new month with some gratitude, remembering the awesome things in and outside of MyMarie Studio that happened in September.

MyMarie Studio Autumn Reset

I've been working so hard and I'm so glad that it's here!  A new website, new social media platforms, lower prices, and new products!  It is so exciting to see how far MyMarie Studio has expanded and we are just getting started.

Check out some of our new things:

  • Our New Website-  You're already here, so go ahead and take a look around!  Customers are now able to purchase products directly from our site.  Check out our products!  Adding products to our site has allowed us to lower our prices and sell directly to our customers.
  • Blog- Another new feature of our website!  MyMarie Studio will now post blogs regularly!  Stay tuned.  We will be posting once or twice every week!
  • Expanding our shops- We have been able to add our shop to our multiple social media platforms.  Customers are now able to buy our products on our Facebook and our Pinterest.  Our Instagram Shop will be coming soon as well.  Follow us!
  • New Rainbow Collection- Check out our new Rainbow Collection inspired by the colors of nature and the relationship between humans and our natural surroundings.

Coming Soon:

  • Miiriya- Miiriya is a platform like Etsy or Amazon geared towards Black-owned businesses.  They support businesses like ours by offering a free platform for Black-businesses to thrive.  It's a great place find products and services.  We only have few items listed now, but check out our shop if you'd like!  Make sure to download their app, available on IOS and Android.

September Favorites

A lot of things were going on in September for MyMarie Studio, but I also wanted to highlights some things I really enjoyed in the month of September.

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

I haven't enjoyed a book like I enjoyed this one in a while.  It was thoroughly enthralling.  Usually, when I finish a book, I immediately want to read the next book in the series.  This book was so thought-provoking that I had to read it all over again before I even thought about getting the sequel.


ErgoJosh Art Studio Tour

ErgoJosh is one of my favorite art Youtubers.  He has a cool sense of humor and a really soothing voice.  This art studio tour was really inspiring to me and helped me to keep pushing to improve MyMarie Studio.  Having zen, creative art studio like this is now one of my future goals.  The video is great because I can take some aspects of it right now to make my art space more conducive for creativity and inspiration

I hope you enjoyed my first monthly update!  I look forward to doing this every month.  What new things did you enjoy in September?  I'd love to hear from you!

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