MyMarie Studio REbrand: Fusion of Art and Storytelling

MyMarie Studio REbrand: Fusion of Art and Storytelling

Big news – we're rebranding here at MyMarie Studio, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share the exciting changes with you. From a fresh website look to a vibrant new logo and brand colors, this rebrand is all about bringing more storytelling into the artistic mix. So, buckle up for a colorful journey as we dive into the details of this transformation.

New Look, New Vibe

One of the driving forces behind this rebrand was my desire to infuse more of my writing into the art business. I've always been passionate about storytelling, whether it's through the written word or my illustrations. The revamped website is now a dynamic canvas, showcasing the synergy of storytelling and artistry.

Out with the Old, In with the Vibrant

While I loved the browns and blues of my previous logo, it was time for a change. The colors felt like "me," but they didn't fully represent the vibrancy of my art. Enter the new logo – a kaleidoscope flower of pens and brushes. It's a playful and dynamic representation of my love for both writing and drawing, capturing the essence of creativity in full bloom.

Introducing "The Anxious Artist" Blog

With the rebrand, I'm launching a brand-new blog titled "The Anxious Artist." This space will be a hub of tips, anecdotes, and real talk about my journey as an artist navigating the ups and downs of anxiety. I've found community in connecting with others facing similar struggles, and I hope this blog becomes a supportive space for fellow artists dealing with anxiety. Together, we'll explore ways to stay creative, manage the business side of things, and avoid burnout.

Other Updates

Diving into Fiction: For those who share my love for fiction, get ready for more of my storytelling in that form. I'm excited to share snippets of my creative writing, and who knows, you might even see some published short stories in the future.

Video Content Galore: As part of this rebrand, I'm stepping into the world of video content. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of my TikTok and YouTube accounts! From behind-the-scenes glimpses of my creative process to fun tutorials and perhaps a few storytelling adventures, there's a lot in store for those who prefer a more visual experience.

This rebrand marks a new chapter for MyMarie Studio, where art and storytelling come together. I can't wait to share more of my creative journey, tips, and tales with you through "The Anxious Artist" blog and the exciting new art and content. Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community – let's create and tell stories together!

Peace and love,

Ashley, Artist and Owner

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