Black History Month!!!

Black History Month!!!

Hey there, beautiful souls!
It's that time of the year again – Black History Month is here and MyMarie Studio is back and (hopefully) better than ever! Over here, we believe in celebrating Black beauty, power, and pride every single day. As we embrace this special month, I am thrilled to showcase one of our OG creations and bestsellers – the Afro Coffee Collection.
Whether you're sipping your morning coffee, carrying your essentials in a stylish tote bag, or jotting down your thoughts in a vibrant notebook, the Afro Coffee Collection has got you covered.

The Don't Touch My Hair Collection

Stay tuned for the expansion of our Don't Touch My Hair Collection! This collection is a celebration of the unique beauty of Black hair. We can't wait to share more empowering designs with you soon.

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As we embark on this journey through Black History Month, let's continue to celebrate and uplift one another.  I'm so proud to be a Black and to have created this Black-owned business!  Cheers to unity, empowerment, and a month filled with love!

Peace and love,

Ashley Jones, Owner & Artist

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